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A selection of Debuts on Orchid

ORC100095 – Guy Johnston, Tom Poster & James Gilchrist

Catalogue Number: ORC100095

Release Date: 1st March 2019


Milo – Guy Johnston, Kathryn Stott

Catalogue Number: ORC100010

Release Date: May 2010


ORC100289 – LCS Vaughan Williams

Catalogue Number: ORC100289

Release Date: 9th Feb


ORC100270 – Charles Owen

Catalogue Number: ORC100270

Release Date: November 17th


ORC100256 – LCS Hough

Catalogue Number: ORC100256

Release Date: September 15th


LCS Coleridge-Taylor

Catalogue Number: ORC100247

Release Date: June 16th


ORC100223 – Sword in the Soul

Catalogue Number: ORC100223

Release Date: April 7th


Huw Wiggin – ORC100216

Catalogue Number: ORC100216

Release Date: March 17th


ORC100206 – Pantcheff vol. 3

Catalogue Number: ORC100206

Release Date: November 25th


ORC100200 – LCS RVW

Catalogue Number: ORC100200

Release Date: July 15th


ORC100175 – The Music of Richard Pantcheff vol.2

Catalogue Number: ORC100175

Release Date: October 22nd


ORC100144 – The Music of Richard Pantcheff

Catalogue Number: ORC100144

Release Date: September 18th 2020


ORC100135 – Navarra String Quartet

Catalogue Number: ORC100135

Release Date: July 17th


ORC100126 – Elena Urioste & Tom Poster

Catalogue Number: ORC100127

Release Date: March 6th 2020