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The shoebox files

George Lepauw tells the story of his debut album, released 15 years after the recording Read More...

George Lepauw’s Bach Odyssey

The pianist continues a lifelong journey

ORC100070 – Matthew Trusler Prokofiev

Catalogue Number: ORC100070

Release Date: 1st June 2017


Fairy Tales – Kenneth Branagh, Tom Conti, Clive Owen, Simon Pegg Matthew Trusler, Martin Roscoe

Catalogue Number: ORC100030

Release Date: June 2013 - REMASTERED 2023


Blues Matthew Trusler, Wayne Marshall

Catalogue Number: ORC100002

Release Date: January 2006


The Pity of War – Matthew Trusler, Martin Roscoe, Samuel West

Catalogue Number: ORC100001

Release Date: January 2005


ORC100335 – Stewart Goodyear Prokofiev

Catalogue Number: ORC100335

Release Date: Sept 6th


ORC100256 – LCS Hough

Catalogue Number: ORC100256

Release Date: September 15th


ORC100192 – Schubert on Tape

Catalogue Number: ORC100192

Release Date: Feb 4th


ORC100173 – The Jukebox Album

Catalogue Number: ORC100173

Release Date: September 24th


ORC100127 – Stewart Goodyear Beethoven Concertos

Catalogue Number: ORC100127

Release Date: March 13th 2020


ORC100107 – BACH48

Catalogue Number: ORC100107

Release Date: February 14th 2020


ORC100087 – From a Fairy to a Child

Catalogue Number: ORC100087

Release Date: 19th October 2018


ORC100082 – Michael Poll

Catalogue Number: ORC100082

Release Date: 6th April 2018


ORC100060 – Wonderland

Catalogue Number: ORC100060

Release Date: 1st November 2016


Seafarer, Trio Apaches, Sir Willard White

Catalogue Number: ORC100043

Release Date: October 2014


Brahms Rhapsodies, Intermezzi, Klavierstücke Jonas Vitaud

Catalogue Number: ORC100020

Release Date: November 2011