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The Making of Raptures

In the studio and beyond...

ORC100179 – Jack Liebeck Ysa├┐e

Catalogue Number: ORC100179

Release Date: October 8th


ORC100129 – Jack Liebeck

Catalogue Number: ORC100129

Release Date: March 20th 2020


ORC100284 – The Music of Frederick Laurence

Catalogue Number: ORC100284

Release Date: Apr 5th


ORC100289 – LCS Vaughan Williams

Catalogue Number: ORC100289

Release Date: 9th Feb


ORC100270 – Charles Owen

Catalogue Number: ORC100270

Release Date: November 17th


ORC100188 – Excelsus

Catalogue Number: ORC100188

Release Date: May 6th


ORC100111 – Raptures

Catalogue Number: ORC100111

Release Date: November 15th 2019