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The Sleep EP

Blue Cloud Collective

Release Date: 17th March


1. Night Song
Patrick Allen

2. Sleep

3. Sleepless
Patrick Allen

4. Lullaby for Joseph
Julian Marshall

5. Evening Prayer
Patrick Allen

6. Night by the Lake
Julian Clef

7. Juliet’s Lullaby
Patrick Allen

The Blue Cloud Collective is an ever-evolving group of creatives, writing and performing original music commissioned and curated by Blue Cloud Music.

The Collective’s first project marks this year’s World Sleep Day, a global initiative calling attention to the essential nature of sleep to our well-being.
For the event the Blue Cloud Collective presents a beautiful, thoughtful and deeply restful EP of solo piano tracks, all written especially for the occasion.

The Sleep EP composers

Patrick Allen is perhaps best known as a recording producer and filmmaker specialising in classical music. He first got a taste for composition while reading Electroacoustics at University where he was asked by the theatre director to score two shows to take to the Edinburgh Festival. The first show was a disaster with the cast outnumbering the audience each night, but the second show was the UK premiere of Arthur Miller’s “Two Way Mirror” which played to packed houses every night and went on to win a ‘Fringe First’ award and launch Patrick as a composer.

Born in the state of Kerala, India, Julian Clef had no formal piano training until he was 16 years old, when he was spotted playing in his hometown of Trivandrum and invited to study at one of the UK’s most prestigious music schools. It wasn’t long until he found himself playing at Buckingham Palace, the Royal Festival Hall, for Indian royalty, and in many of the great concert halls of the world while being mentored by the legendary Andras Schiff.
Keen to explore his own creativity and compositional skills outside of core classical music, Julian’s brand-new solo piano EP, Childhood, reflects on his early memories of growing up in Kerala, and of leaving his family at such a young age to pursue a life in music.

Shortly after graduating from the Royal College of Music in 1975, Julian Marshall’s professional life as a composer and songwriter took flight with the internationally successful bands Marshall Hain, The Flying Lizards and Eye to Eye.
His compositions include work for film and theatre, and a new chapter as a composer of longer-form and choral-based pieces led to Julian founding The Welten Project, inspired by the poetry of Gertrud Kolmar. The project’s mission is to conduct research and produce a series of works inspired-by, re-imagining or setting poems from Welten.

The enigmatic Pteromost, rumoured to be part-goblin and to travel only by mooseback, has strangely never been sighted in the same room as Tom Poster. We have every reason to believe that Pteromost’s contribution to the BBC Music Magazine Award-winning Jukebox album is the only work in existence scored for three violins, cello, piano, two recorders, three kazoos and swanee whistle. Pteromost also writes incredibly beautiful melodies, as evidenced on his track for the Sleep EP.

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Artist Led, Creatively Driven