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Piano Trio in A Minor

Alexandra Troussova
Kirill Troussov
Benedict Kloeckner

Release Date: September 15th


Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893)
Piano Trio in A Minor, Op. 50

I. Pezzo elegiaco
II.a. Tema con variazioni: Tema (Andante con moto)
II.b. Variation 1
II.c. Variation 2
II.d. Variation 3
II.e. Variation 4
II.f. Variation 5
II.g. Variation 6
II.h. Variation 7
II.i. Variation 8
II.j. Variation 9
II.k. Variation 10
II.l. Variation 11
II.m. Variazioni finale e coda

Alexandra Troussova, piano
Kirill Troussov, violin
Benedict Kloeckner, cello

Violinist Kirill Troussov continues his Live Series with a recording of Tchaikovsky’s epic Piano Trio in A Minor, recorded live at the International Music Festival Koblenz with two star collaborators: Troussov’s sister and duo partner Alexandra Troussova, and the award-winning German cellist Benedict Kloeckner.

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Artist Led, Creatively Driven