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Cathedral Music From New Spain


A vivid snapshot of the rich artistic history and ceremonial life of New Spain

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This new album from Camerata Antonio Soler gives a snapshot of the rich artistic history and ceremonial life of New Spain, painting pictures of pain, suffering, joy, and ecstasy. Drawing on a range of emotions from the dramatic aesthetic of the time, these works form a fine example of the musical activities of the cathedrals of New Spain.

Track List

Galant Cathedral Music from New Spain

David Pérez (1711-1778)
Sinfonía en Re “La tempestad del mar”
1.  I Allegro
2.  II Arco iris
3.  III Bailete

Ignacio Jerusalem (1707-1769)
4.  Si aleve fortuna
Molly Netter, soprano

Luis Misón (1720-1766)
Sinfonía en Sib
5.  I Allegro
6.  II Andante
7.  III Presto

Santiago Billoni (c.1700-1763)
8.  ¿Por qué Pedro?
Molly Netter, soprano
David Trillo, tenor

Ignacio Jerusalem
9.  Qué dolor, qué desconsuelo
José Hernández Pastor, countertenor
Laura Quesada, flute

José Herrando (1680-1763)
Sinfonía en Re
10.  I Allegro
11.  II Andante
12.  III Allegro

Ignacio Jerusalem
13.  Sube a gozar
Eleanor Ranney-Mendoza and Molly Netter, sopranos

Esteban Salas y Castro (1725-1803)
14.  El cielo y sus estrellas
Molly Netter and Eleanor Ranney-Mendoza, sopranos
José Hernández Pastor, countertenor

Camerata Antonio Soler
Javier José Mendoza, conductor
Molly Netter, soprano
Eleanor Ranney-Mendoza, soprano
José Hernández Pastor, countertenor
David Trillo, tenor
Laura Quesada, flute


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