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The Four Elements

Yu Kosuge's cycle comes to a close

ORC100187 – Yu Kosuge vol.4

Catalogue Number: ORC100187

Release Date: Jan 7th


ORC100158 – Yu Kosuge EP

Catalogue Number: ORC100158

Release Date: Feb 5th 2021


Yu Kosuge

Catalogue Number: ORC100158

Release Date: FEBRUARY 5th 2021


ORC100108 – Yu Kosuge – FIRE

Catalogue Number: ORC100108

Release Date: 1st November 2019


ORC100092 – Yu Kosuge

Catalogue Number: ORC100092

Release Date: 16th November 2018


ORC100101 – The Sound of Calm

Catalogue Number: ORC100201

Release Date: August 8th


ORC100159 – Four Elements vol.3: Wind

Catalogue Number: ORC100159

Release Date: March 5th