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Lepauw plays Beethoven

George Lepauw begins a new journey with this first recording in a series covering the works of Beethoven.



“To experience the world from above, carried only by the air that you breathe…”

Bjarke Mogensen plays Lil Lacy’s beautifully atmospheric piece for solo accordion.


George Lepauw plays Debussy - the Preludes Book 1

Uniquely original, evocative, poetic and profound, Debussy’s range of musical expression goes from utmost delicacy to sudden bursts of violence, with so many colours in between.

The Franco-American pianist George Lepauw follows his BACH48 album with an exploration of Debussy’s soundscapes, beginning with Book 1 of the Préludes for piano (1910). The digital EP will be released on the occasion of the composer’s birthday.

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The Stewart Goodyear Quintet

A fusion of Calypso, classical and rock improvisation

One day, one day….CONGOTAY.
A Trinidadian expression meaning the time will come when individuals have to pay for their misdeeds…
Inspired by the expression, the snapping, rhythmic nature of this piece written by Stewart Goodyear mirrors that of the words.


Yu Kosuge plays two of Debussy’s much loved Preludes for piano, as a teaser for the main album launch of Four Elements vol.3, coming this March.

OUT FEBRUARY 12th 2021

London Choral Sinfonia present a new EP, African-Caribbean Elegy, composed by Richard Pantcheff as a three-part cycle to words by famous West Indian poets.

OUT FEBRUARY 12th 2021

Francisco Fullana‘s forthcoming new album explores works for solo violin, performed on both baroque and modern instruments.

In advance of the album release this EP features the Partita in D minor by Bach, including the magnificent Chaconne.