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George Lepauw plays Debussy


To celebrate Debussy’s 160th birthday year, Franco-American, Paris-based pianist George Lepauw returns to Orchid with the complete Preludes for piano, some of the most colourful, intricate and finely-nuanced piano music in the repertoire.

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Celebrating Debussy’s 160th birthday year (born Aug. 22, 1862).

Franco American, Paris-based pianist George Lepauw recorded Debussy’s iconic Preludes all the way back in 2007, but the resulting album was kept in a shoebox and is only now getting a proper release. Despite having made many successful albums in the years since, this is the first full recording George ever made.

George has always felt an affinity for Debussy, in particular his iconoclasm, a fearless search for his own language, curiosity for music from other cultures (javanese gamelan, for ex.), interest in modal tonalities reminiscent of ancient Greek music or Egyptian music, etc.), love for poetry (esp. Baudelaire, Mallarmé, Verlaine), art (esp. Japanese prints like Hiroshige), cinema, theatre, literature, travel, and nature (the sea especially).
Debussy was also a bon vivant, always enjoying a good party in Montmartre with his friends (as does George), and definitely a lover of life. A truly unique person in music history whose imagination, freedom, and sensitivities changed the course of music.

George has written an article for BBC Music Mag on Debussy’s best works: click here to read it

Track List

Claude Debussy (1862-1918)

1er Livre (1910)

1.  Danseuses de Delphes (Dancers of Delphi)
2   Voiles (Sails/Veils)
3.  Le Vent dans la Plaine (The Wind in the Plain)
4.  “Les Sons et les Parfums tournent dans l’air du soir”
(Sounds and Scents Waft in the Evening Air)
5.  Les Collines d’Anacapri (The Hills of Anacapri)
6.  Des pas sur la neige (Footsteps on the Snow)
7.  Ce qu’a vu le vent d’Ouest (What the West Wind Saw)
8.  La fille aux cheveux de lin (The Girl with the Flaxen Hair)
9.  La sérénade interrompue (The Interrupted Serenade)
10.  La Cathédrale engloutie (The Sunken Cathedral)
11.  La danse de Puck (Puck’s Dance)
12.  Minstrels

2ème Livre (1913)

13.  Brouillards (Fog)
14.  Feuilles mortes (Dead Leaves)
15.  La puerta del Vino (The Wine Gate)
16.  “Les Fées sont d’exquises danseuses”
(Fairies Are Exquisite Dancers)
17.  Bruyères (Heather) 2.51
18.  “Général Lavine” – excentric
19.  La terrasse des audiences du clair de lune
(The Terrace of Audiences in the Moonlight)
20.  Ondine
21.  Hommage à S. Pickwick Esq. P.P.M.P.C
22.  Canope
23.  Les tierces alternées (Alternated Thirds)
24.  Feux d’artifice (Fireworks)

George Lepauw, piano


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