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Chelsea Guo – In My Voice


“A very fine pianist with a beguiling voice; here is a rare talent”
BBC Music Magazine

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Chelsea Guo is a musical polymath who brings her dual gifts as pianist and soprano to this, her debut album. Hailed as a Chopin specialist during her prizewinning performances at the 2020 Chopin Piano Competition, Guo here performs solo piano works that show all facets of the composer’s style, including the Barcarolle in F-sharp minor, Op. 60 and the scintillating Fantasie in F minor.

Chelsea Guo’s unique talents are to the fore in the three songs on this album, in which she simultaneously sings and plays; the programme also includes Chopin’s complete 24 Preludes, Op. 28, an extraordinary set composed in every available key.

Track List


Frédéric Chopin (1810-1849)
Preludes, Op.28

1  Prelude No.1 in C major – Agitato

2  Prelude No.2 in A minor – Lento

3  Prelude No.3 in G major – Vivace

4  Prelude No.4 in E minor – Largo

5  Prelude No.5 in D major – Allegro molto

6  Prelude No.6 in B minor – Lento assai

7  Prelude No.7 in A major – Andantino

8  Prelude No.8 in F-sharp minor – Molto agitato

9  Prelude No.9 in E major – Largo

10  Prelude No.10 in C-sharp minor – Allegro molto

11  Prelude No.11 in B major – Vivace

12  Prelude No.12 in G-sharp minor – Presto

13  Prelude No.13 in F-sharp major – Lento

14  Prelude No.14 in E-flat minor – Allegro

15 Prelude No.15 in D-flat major – Sostenuto

16  Prelude No.16 in B-flat minor – Presto con fuoco

17  Prelude No.17 in A-flat major – Allegretto

18  Prelude No.18 in F minor – Allegro molto

19  Prelude No.19 in E-flat major – Vivace

20  Prelude No.20 in C minor – Largo

21  Prelude No.21 in B-flat major – Cantabile

22  Prelude No.22 in G minor – Molto agitato

23  Prelude No.23 in F major – Moderato

24  Prelude No.24 in D minor – Allegro appassionato

25  Fantasie in F minor, Op.49

26  Barcarolle in F-sharp major, Op.60

27  “Moja pieszczotka”, Op.74 No.12

Frédéric Chopin & Ernst Marischka

28  “In mir klingt ein Lied” (Étude, Op.10 No.3)

Gioachino Rossini (1792-1868)

29  “Di piacer mi balza il cor” from La Gazza Ladra


Chelsea Guo, piano and voice
The vocal tracks on this album are both performed and self-accompanied by Chelsea, whilst also recorded simultaneously.


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