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The Music of Jonathan Dove

Conductor Timothy Redmond suggests a playlist of works by the composer which made a particular impression on him.

Check out the new recording of Dove’s orchestral works with the BBC Philharmonic under Redmond, and with guest soloist Lawrence Zazzo, HERE

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Chris Jarvis - My Wonderland

One of our very favourite playlists of 2018 came from CBeebies legend Chris Jarvis.

It’s the most upbeat playlist you have ever listened to, and that’s a fact.

Check out the other playlists, by Jools Holland, Alan Titchmarsh, Robert Harris, Nico Muhly and Stephen Hough HERE

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The Romantics

The Romantic period was a time of unbridled expression, passion, and the cross fertilisation of all art forms. Probably not by coincidence, some of the greatest music in history was created….. Here we celebrate some exceptional Romantic recordings in the Orchid catalogue.

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Stewart Goodyear - a Ravel Odyssey

In 2017 Stewart Goodyear released the first album of his Ravel exploration, to great critical acclaim. (Click here for more info) Here he shares some recordings of Ravel which particularly influenced him, and the list includes some of history’s great recorded artists.

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Huw Wiggin - My Music

Huw Wiggin’s album, Reflections, went to no. 2 in the UK album charts.

The album follows a very personal journey through the music Huw grew up playing, and alongside the release he curated a playlist of inspirations away from the saxophone.

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Matilda Lloyd on the Art of the Album

“The concept of the album is so important. It creates a blank canvas for the creation of complete artistic design, and allows for themes and stories to be fully explored….” Here are 3 albums which Matilda likes to listen to in full. (Check out Matilda’s own debut album here) #NationalAlbumDay

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